General Dental Fees

Dental healthcare is an important part of your life. Tooth pain, halitosis, gum disease and other dental issues are not things you should be forced to live with. But when dental fees in Edmonton are too expensive, what are you to do? As part of the Alberta Dental Association, Janz Family Dental makes an effort to provide comprehensive dental care at reasonable prices.

How are dental fees in Edmonton determined?

Much like hospitals, dental clinics in Edmonton adhere to strict regulatory standards to ensure quality patient safety and care. To determine dental fees in Edmonton, your dentist must take into consideration the complexity of your treatment as well as overhead costs such as specialized equipment, materials, sterilization and safety protocols, laboratory fees and more.

This means that a simple procedure requiring little equipment and no external laboratory work will cost much less than a more complex procedure requiring specialized equipment and laboratory time. On top of this, your specific needs may add to various costs, depending on allergies and personal preferences for treatments.

How to get a dental fee estimate

If you would like a more specific price estimate on a particular dental procedure, you can request an oral examination. The dentist will examine your mouth, review your health history and discuss any symptoms or concerns you may be experiencing. If your dentist identifies an issue, they will discuss this with you along with their dental treatment recommendations. Based on these treatment recommendations, a price estimate will be developed.

Your dental fee estimate will rely on the treatment recommendations as well as other factors such as materials, extent of care, laboratory fees and more. Our dentists can work with you to review treatment alternatives and provide a dental fee estimate for the treatment plan before proceeding.

Please Note: Our dentists can only provide a dental fee estimate. As with any medical-based procedure, planning can change over the course of treatment which can influence the cost.


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