The need for an emergency dentist has certainly not been as great in recent years. More than ever, Canadians are visiting the dentist regularly, and tooth decay rates are dropping.

Great news, but it doesn’t mean emergencies are unheard of. And when those emergencies come, they can be quite painful.

In this article, we look at why you need to visit a dentist immediately if you find yourself on the wrong end of a dental emergency. Let’s get started!

Stops Pain

The keyword in a dental emergency is obvious. It’s an “emergency,” which means it must be dealt with right away.

The teeth are sturdy in the sense that they’re designed to last your whole life. With that said, when something goes wrong, it’s tough to deal with.

An exposed nerve, a chipped or broken tooth, decay that has spiralled out of control, abscess, infection, or swelling; all these factors can make life very unpleasant and send you looking for the nearest emergency dentist.

Other factors, like COVID-19, might make it difficult to receive dental appointments in a timely manner. Emergency services can offer relief.

Saves From Embarrassment

Pain is probably the greatest motivator when it comes to emergency dentistry, but there are other factors as well. Preserving your smile ranks near the top of the list.

While common dental issues like whitening or straightening can wait, damage caused to the tooth can turn your smile into an eyesore. You’ll go out of your way not to smile, which is hard to keep up when you’re waiting a few weeks until your next appointment.

Don’t live with the embarrassment. If you’ve chipped or broken a tooth and it’s making you self-conscious, use the emergency number.

Keep Issues From Growing Worse

Issues left unaddressed can create fallout even beyond unsightly smiles and shooting pain. They can lead to infection. Infection drives pain to the next level and might even require surgery.

To reduce your infection risk and move toward improving dental health overall, you’ll need to get issues addressed as soon as possible.

Reclaim Your Comfort

A dental issue can permeate your entire body. It’s a hard problem to keep isolated because the nerves are communicating with the rest of your body. This makes every movement of the jaw and lips potentially excruciating.

A dental emergency appointment restores your quality of life. You can now eat the foods you love, drink your favourite drinks, all without the discomfort of a pressing dental issue.

That’s What Your Dentist Is For

It’s amazing how many patients feel they’re doing something taboo or inconveniencing us in some way. Dental emergencies can’t be planned for ahead of time. Again, the word is “emergency.” You can’t help it, and we know this. It’s why we set aside an emergency number and time slot in our day. Contact us at 780-484-8573 if you are experiencing an emergency. Talk to us to have that peace of mind and have the comfort that comes with not living with the pain.

See an Emergency Dentist in West Edmonton to Save Your Smile

Do you need to make use of the services of an emergency dentist in West Edmonton? Janz Family Dental has offered emergency dental services for many years, and we’re here for our patients when they need us. Pain, embarrassment, injuries, or fighting infection. Don’t suffer. Contact Janz Family Dental today to get your dental emergency under control.

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