There are an ever-increasing number of tooth whitening products available over the counter, including strips, trays, rinses, gels and toothpastes.

These products are typically cheaper than teeth whitening services performed by dentists; however, this is their only real advantage. Here are several reasons professional teeth whitening at a dental clinic is the better option.

Brighter Smile

One of the main reasons why the over-the-counter products are so cheap is that the whitening agents have a much lower concentration of the active ingredient, peroxide, compared with professional grade whiteners. To be precise, they typically have about three per cent peroxide, whereas the whiteners used in dental clinics have as much as 35 per cent. As a result, drugstore whiteners are able to make teeth only one to two shades brighter, while professional grade whiteners, only available to dentists, can whiten teeth by up to ten shades in a single visit.

Safer Treatment

A big problem with over-the-counter trays and strips is that they usually only come in one size. Since every mouth is different, it’s highly probable that the trays won’t be an exact fit and the strips won’t fully cover your teeth. If the trays or strips don’t fit properly, the whitening agent may be unevenly distributed and come into contact with your gums, which can irritate them and lead to pain and sensitivity in your teeth. These issues are usually temporary, but on rare occasions result in irreversible tooth damage. This is one of the reasons why the Canadian Dental Association recommends that you use whitening products only after consulting with your dentist.

During professional treatment, measures are taken to protect the patient’s gums from contact with the whitening agent, such as covering their gums and using custom trays. This ensures a safer—and also more even and thorough—treatment.

Our Favourite Teeth Whitening Solution

The team at Janz Family Dental offers Spa Dent Naturals whitening and aftercare. This solution uses blue and red LED light and offers visibly whiter teeth in just 20 minutes. Not only do our customers love it but so do our team of dentists and hygienists. It is a convenient professional whitening solution that causes no sensitivity and you can use it in the comfort of your own home.

Lasting Results

Over-the-counter treatments not only take longer to work but also usually produce short-lived results. The reason for this is the diluted nature of the whitening solution. With professional treatment, you’ll not only see a difference after only a 24-hour period but dentists will also give you the tools to retain these results by creating a custom whitening plan that provides you with the necessary instructions and materials.

Expert Advice

To find out what whitening option is best suited to your personal needs, your best bet is to speak with your local dentist. At Janz Family Dental Clinic in Edmonton, we help you get the best results from your whitening treatment. We provide custom-fit teeth whitening trays and whitening gel for at home use. And we always ensure that your enamel and gums remain safe and healthy. For a reliable dentist in Edmonton, contact Janz Family Dental today!

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