Why Do I Have A Toothache?

Most people have, at one time or another, experienced a toothache.

Unfortunately, a toothache is one of those symptoms that can have a variety of underlying causes, some relatively benign and others more serious. Let’s take a look at some of the common reasons behind toothaches, and what you should do when you have one. Common Reasons Behind Toothaches Toothaches can feel different depending on their underlying causes. When trying to figure out the reason behind your toothache, it can be useful to take stock of how severe the pain is, how long it lasts, and what causes you to experience it.

  • Cavities – A cavity is the most common reason for a toothache. Pain when biting, sensitivity to hot and cold foods, and an unpleasant taste are the most common indicators of a dental cavity.
  • Gum Disease – Gum disease can result in some slight gum sensitivity, but it can also be painless. It is therefore most often characterized by gums that bleed and become inflamed after brushing and flossing.
  • Cracked Tooth – A cracked tooth can display many of the same symptoms of a dental cavity. One symptom which could indicate a cracked tooth rather than a cavity, however, is pain that occurs only when you bite in a specific manner.
  • Dental Abscess – A dental abscess is a serious infection inside the tooth, the surrounding gum tissue, or both. The pain from a dental abscess is usually very severe, and accompanied by swollen gums.
  • A Loose Filling or Crown – Experiencing a sudden, sharp pain in a tooth that has a filling or crown could indicate that the filling or crown has become loose. It may also mean that parts of the tooth have begun to decay, which can compound onto the pain.
  • Teeth Grinding – If you sometimes wake up with a dull ache in your teeth and jaws that doesn’t seem to originate in just one tooth, then you are likely grinding your teeth while you sleep (a condition often known as bruxism).

What to Do When You Have a Toothache If you are experiencing tooth pain, then your main priority should be to get yourself to an Edmonton dental clinic. If the pain is mild you don’t necessarily have to come in the same day, but you should make an appointment for the near future. Severe tooth pain, especially if accompanied by swelling and if you have developed a fever, should be taken seriously and looked at by a dentist as soon as possible. Solve Your Toothache Troubles at Janz Family Dental Janz Family Dental, a dental clinic in Edmonton, can help you figure out what is causing your toothache and what steps can be taken to treat it. Don’t hesitate to visit us today for a check up and teeth cleaning. We can check for all of the possible causes of toothaches described above. Set up an appointment at our Edmonton dental clinic and you can rest easy knowing that your toothache will soon be expertly treated.

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