What To Expect At Your Dental Checkup At Janz Family Dental

Whether you just moved to Edmonton or have decided to change your dentist in Edmonton we want you to feel comfortable with our team and procedures at Janz Family Dental.

When you come to our dental office for a dental checkup this is what you can expect.

Health History

If this is your first visit we will take a full health history and will update our records upon subsequent visits. Please let us know if your health has changed between visits.


Before getting to the actual cleaning and examination, your dentist will assess the need for an X-ray to be taken. Dental X-rays can be used to identify problems like impacted teeth, abscesses, cysts, tooth decay and so much more that your dentist might not see while examining the inside of your mouth. If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, expect to have X-rays taken.

Teeth Cleaning

Before the dentist even takes a look at the inside of your mouth, a dental hygienist will spend around one hour thoroughly cleaning your teeth. This process involves the use of specialized tools to apply cleaning agents to your teeth as well as scrape below the gum line to remove any buildup of plaque that could cause serious problems down the line. Your dental hygienist will probably also floss your teeth (and show you how to do it properly if you don’t already know how).


Once the hygienist is done cleaning your teeth, the dentist will come in and do a full examination of your mouth. He will look for signs of tooth decay and gum disease as well as check on your wisdom teeth to ensure there’s no infection and that they’re not impeding your other teeth. If your dentist discovers a cavity (or any other problem), he will have you schedule a follow-up appointment to have it taken care of (they usually won’t do these procedures right after a cleaning). Make sure you visit every six months.

While it isn’t necessary to fast before coming to the dentist, try not to eat anything that might get caught in your teeth and make your cleaning more difficult!

We are transparent about our dental fees and accept all major dental insurance plans. Make an appointment at Janz Family Dental clinic in Edmonton today. We’ll have your smile looking its very brightest.

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