Understanding The Health Dangers Of Dental Plaque And Gum Disease

You may know that plaque and gum disease can cause much destruction inside the mouth.

Once you develop gingivitis and periodontitis, you begin to lose gum tissue and bone. Ultimately, you could lose all of your teeth if the issue is not treated. This is not a condition to take lightly at any level. What many people do not realize is that plaque and gum disease can also affect other areas of your health. This is why it is critical to visit your dental clinic in Edmonton for regular exams and cleanings. Your dentist must periodically assess your oral health in order to help you maintain your overall health. Talk to your family dentist at Janz Family Dental for more information on preventing and combating dental plaque and gingivitis.

How Gum Disease and Plaque Affect Your Health

If you are still uncertain as to how dental plaque and periodontitis might have an adverse effect on your health, consider these points:

  • Scientific Evidence: Researchers have discovered a correlation between plaque, gum disease, and other aspects of health. They have not yet determined the exact cause and effect. However, they have identified various links between these conditions and symptoms, and other health conditions.
  • Health Dangers: The other health conditions linked to gum disease and plaque include heart disease, dementia, and diabetes. Additional associated health risks are rheumatoid arthritis and premature birth.
  • How It Happens: Although scientists are still researching the topic, it appears that the problem begins with harmful bacteria present in the mouth. The bacteria escape into the bloodstream, where they are transported to internal organs. That is where other very serious health problems may begin to develop.
  • Inflammation: One link between all of these health issues and poor oral health might be inflammation. Inflammation manifests as a result of periodontitis. Inflammation is also associated with such conditions as rheumatoid arthritis and heart disease.
  • Diabetes: Another point worth noting is that diabetes could be a precursor to gum disease. Peoplewho have diabetes are at a higher risk of developing infections. Gum disease is an infection, which may partially explain the connection between diabetes and periodontitis.
  • Symptoms: Pay attention to your oral health in between dental visits. If your gums are red, swollen, or tender, you might have gingivitis. Other symptoms to look for include bleeding when you floss or brush, loose gums and teeth, dental sensitivity in general, and bad breath that remains after you floss and brush. Should any of these symptoms arise, be sure to schedule an appointment with your family dentist.

Taking care of your gums and teeth is imperative if you want to stay healthy. Do not leave your oral health to chance. Talk to your dentist about keeping your mouth in good condition. If you detect the symptoms of gingivitis, book a dental visit as soon as possible. Make regular checkups and cleanings a top priority, so you do not needlessly endanger your overall health.

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