Things You Need To Know About Your Child’s Dental Care

There are a lot of things you need to know about caring for your child’s teeth. Sometimes you need a step-by-step rundown of how to recognize the signs that your kids need to see a dentist. At Janz Family Dental clinic in Edmonton, we’ll teach you all you need to know about caring for their teeth in the early years of their lives. Here are a few important questions to keep in mind when deciding if it’s time to take your child to see a dentist.

How old should they be for their first visit?

To keep up to date with the health of your children’s teeth, they should visit a dentist in west Edmonton at least once every six months. While this seems like a lot, frequent visits are the best way to ensure that your child’s teeth are developing properly and don’t require any extensive care. Frequent cleanings will also help reduce the risk of dental decay and the appearance of cavities early in life. Keep in mind that your child’s first visit to a dental clinic should be no later than their first birthday.

Why do they need to go so often?

Dentists in Edmonton recommend that your child have their teeth checked every six months because prevention is always better than fixing. Some children with healthier teeth and can get away with having fewer visits, but it’s always recommended you go every six months. Those with higher risk (based on information given to you by your dentist) should even consider visiting sooner. Bear in mind that these time periods only apply to cleanings. If your child presents with indications of a more pressing problem, make an appointment with your dentist immediately.

How long should each visit take?

Depending on whether or not x-rays have to be taken, or if any special procedures need to be done, your average dental cleaning will take between 30-40 minutes.

What if it’s too expensive?

While dental care can get expensive, remember, the government of Alberta has a number of special programs that provide aid for those who can’t afford it.

One of these programs is the Alberta Child Health Benefit plan. Be proactive with the care of your children’s dental health, call us and make an appointment at the Janz Family Dental clinic. Visit our office and find out more about our services and any questions you might have about provincial benefits plans for your dental visits.

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