Root Canal 101 From Your Dental Clinic In Edmonton

If you have ever wondered whether you require a root canal, you would likely benefit from exploring this common type of endodontic treatment.

Getting a root canal procedure involves a variety of steps. However, the treatment is not as intimidating as some people believe it to be.

Your Family Dentist Provides Important Information

Your first step should always be to talk to your family dentist about your dental concerns. By visiting the professionals at your dental clinic in Edmonton, you will be able to resolve your issues efficiently.

When Do I Need a Root Canal?

A root canal is performed when a tooth has an infected nerve or pulp. After examining your mouth, your dentist will tell you whether having this procedure is advisable. Here is a brief guide on how a root canal is implemented and why you might be a viable candidate for getting one:

  • Toothache: The problem is typically identified when you visit the dentist with a toothache. You might experience pain when you chew. You could also feel sensitivity to hot and cold liquids. The discomfort may be so severe that you need to schedule an emergency appointment with your dentist.
  • Pain: The pain that patients often associate with a root canal is not generally experienced during the treatment. This is a misconception that countless individuals have. In truth, the pain related to the procedure has more to do with the toothache that prompts an emergency dental visit.
  • Why a Root Canal? A root canal not only resolves the symptom of pain; it can actually save your tooth. If the tooth has decayed to a certain point, it is at risk of falling out of the mouth. By getting a root canal and ensuing treatments, you might be able to save an infected, decaying tooth.
  • The Procedure: The treatment itself is performed in several steps. First, you are given anesthesia, so that you do not feel discomfort during the root canal. Then, a barrier called a dental dam is placed in the mouth to keep the environment sterile. A hole is drilled in the tooth, and the affected tissue is removed. The root canals of the tooth are reshaped and disinfected, and the canals are filled with material. Later, a permanent filling or crown will be placed in or over the tooth.

Root Canal Treatment in Edmonton Getting a root canal is not the scary prospect that so many people think it is. If you have an infected or decaying tooth, you might require this procedure. When you experience a toothache or dental sensitivity, do not hesitate to visit Janz Family Dental. One of our capable dentists will examine your mouth and determine the best course of action. We are always happy to assist you and address any dental concerns that you may have.

If you have a toothache or have questions about root canal treatment, call our dental clinic in Edmonton at 780-484-8573. Please also feel free to reach us online.

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