New Dentures In Edmonton – Now What?

If there’s any certainty about life is that it will change and while becoming a new denture wearer is a change, it’s not something that should end anyone’s enjoyment of the simple pleasures in life. Dentures can be a great way to replace missing teeth and provide you with the functionality and smile that you’ve been looking for.

At Janz Family Dental, we offer partial dentures used to replace one or several teeth as well as full or complete dentures to replace your entire upper or lower row of teeth. Your teeth can be extracted on the same day that you get your denture inserted so there is never a need to go without teeth for any length of time. For any new denture wearer continuing the lifestyle they have always loved is critical. Here are a few basic pointers to get you back to you:

  • As with anything new, it will be and feel strange at first, so the best thing to do is to acknowledge that some adjustments will have to be made and to exercise a good amount of patience. New denture wearers should take smaller bites than they normally would, avoid biting hard with their front teeth, and keep excessively chewy foods off of the menu for at least the short term.
  • As you, the new wearer, find that eating has become far easier and much more natural – anywhere between two weeks and three months – additional food items can be added to the menu, such as firmer vegetables, chewier meats, and fruits that require a bit more work to break down. Many denture wearers start using zinc-free adhesive products to help form a protective barrier that prevents seeds, nuts, or other food particles from irritating the gums at this time also.
  • If speaking clearly with new dentures proves challenging, as it does for many new wearers because words containing “f” and “s” sounds can be awkward, it can be extremely helpful to practice speaking out loud while standing before a mirror and to read aloud to others as a means to gain greater confidence. Many new denture wearers find that biting down and consciously swallowing immediately before they begin to speak works wonders by setting the dentures into their proper position.

You also need to care for complete dentures and partial dentures as carefully as you would look after natural teeth. The Canadian Dental Association suggest that to properly care for your dentures you:

  • Clean them every day – plaque and tartar can build up on false teeth, just like they do on natural teeth;
  • Take them out every night – brush your teeth and gums carefully, using a soft toothbrush. Be sure to clean and massage your gums; and,
  • Soak them overnight – they can be soaked in a special denture cleanser, in warm water, or in a mix of half warm water and half vinegar. If your denture has metal clasps, use warm water only for soaking. Soaking will loosen plaque and tartar. They will then come off more easily when you brush.

At Janz Family Dental, we offer a complete range of dental services – from dental check-ups and cleanings, to root canal treatment, Invisalign® braces, cosmetic dentistry, and partial or complete dentures. If you have questions about dentures or any of our services, contact Janz Family Dental at 780-484-8573 or visit us in Mayfield Square, Edmonton today.

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