A beautiful and healthy smile is something everybody wants. A good smile not only improves your appearance but also boosts your self-confidence. If you are considering teeth whitening treatment for a pearly white smile, Janz Family Dental can help. Our other services include emergency dental care, dentures, teeth grinding, Invisalign, dental implants, teeth whitening and veneers.

Here, we have busted a few teeth whitening myths:

  1. Oil helps remove stains on teeth – It is widely believed that holding edible oils such as coconut oil in the mouth for the few minutes, whitens the teeth. Some also claim that oil pulling is beneficial in removing stains on the teeth and can help you get whither teeth. But there’s no scientific proof to confirm that oil pulling helps in stain removal.
  2. Acidic fruits help whiten teeth – Fruits such as strawberries, lemons and oranges are used by many as natural means to whiten teeth. But, they do not help remove stains. In reality, these fruits are acidic, which is harmful for tooth enamel.
  3. Teeth whitening will help you achieve the perfect Hollywood smile – Many people are of the view that they will get a picture-perfect smile after whitening treatment. For some people the treatment works well and they do achieve the tooth shade of their choice. But, the treatment does not work in some cases, so you might have to go in for treatments such as veneers to get that perfect smile that you dream of.
  4. Teeth whitening causes harm to your enamel – Certain over-the-counter whitening products available in the market might cause some damage your gums and enamel if you overuse them. It is safe to go to a dentist and get teeth whitening done using proper gel. Whitening involves opening pores on the outer layer of your tooth and cleaning your inner tooth stains.
  5. People with sensitive teeth shouldn’t get teeth whitening done – A popular belief is that those with sensitive teeth should not go in for the whitening procedure. Your dentist might recommend you to use certain toothpaste before the procedure. Dentists also use rubber guards or desensitizing gel so you can be at ease throughout the treatment.

Everyone has specific dental needs. Consult your dentist to understand the exact dosage so that there is no negative impact on the enamel. Keep your teeth healthy and let your smile shine with Janz Family Dental. Contact us today to get a teeth whitening procedure done!

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