Fluoride Facts: Is It Safe?

Taking an active role in your own health and educating yourself about treatments is an important part of getting the best care possible.

This becomes even more important for grownups when they have children. We all want the best for our kids, and that includes the best dental healthcare. Fluoride has been the topic of much discussion and debate, especially when it comes to children’s dental care. The kids’ dentists at the Janz Family Dental in Edmonton have the answers and can help you ensure your children’s health comes first while receiving the best in oral healthcare.


From tap water treatment to dental treatments, fluoride gets a confusing reputation. Here’s what you need to know about fluoride and the role it can play in your kids’ dental health:

  • Fluoride is Beneficial – Fluoride can dramatically improve the strength of your teeth. Tests have reported that fluoride treatment can reduce cavities by 15-30% in children.
  • Small Doses – The dosage is what can cause issues and become a cause for concern. Ensure your child is receiving fluoride treatment from an experienced professional, like the family dentistry team at Janz Family Dental. We are able to properly administer fluoride treatments in the correct, small doses and ensure that kids under our supervision follow directions.
  • Age is Important – It is most important for children to receive treatments between the ages of 6 and 16. Treatment during this stage is important as primary and permanent teeth come in.
  • Use Your Discretion – Be very cautious using fluoride with such young children. Ingestion is one of the major risks associated with fluoride use and young kids may not be fully aware or understand instructions to avoid swallowing the substance.

Visit a kids’ dentist in Edmonton to ensure that your child receives the proper fluoride treatment at the right time for their dental health. With regular checkups, teeth cleaning and proper procedures and treatments, we can help your family keep their smiles healthy. Our team is dedicated to making your children and entire family feel comfortable and confident about the dental care they are receiving. For a family dentist in Edmonton, contact Janz Family Dental. We are currently accepting new patients. Schedule your appointment at 780-484-8573 or contact us online with any questions.

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