Dental Assistance Programs Offered By The Alberta Government

We know that dental care can be expensive. Between visits every six months and various treatments you might need, the annual cost of your dental visits can seem almost impossible to deal with.

At Janz Family Dental Clinic, we understand the difficulty that comes with paying for your dental expenses. Fortunately, there are government funded benefit plans to help you relieve the financial pressure. Let us tell you about two particular plans that could help you pay your dental bills.

Alberta Child Health Benefit

This government funded benefits plan applies to anyone under the age of 18 (20 if they still live at home and are attending school). This plan covers a variety of things that aren’t covered under standard provincial healthcare like eyeglasses, prescription drugs and most importantly, dental care. There are no fees to sign up, as it is a program meant for families who have a limited income. In terms of dental care, here are the following items covered by the Alberta Child Health Benefit plan:

The qualifications for this plan are based entirely on how large your family is. A chart outlining the specific financial qualifications can be seen here. Certain exceptions can be made for families that have had a significant drop in income over the last year, but generally, these are the guidelines. This plan is available for any dependant who is currently living in Alberta.

The only people who are not eligible are those who do not meet the income requirements or those who already receive aid from other government support plans.

Alberta Adult Health Benefit

This is essentially a similar plan that exists for adult medical care. Unlike its counterpart, it has no age limit restricting potential applicants. You can print out an application form on the Alberta Government website. Qualifications for this plan are financially similar to that of the Child Health Benefit plan, but they include a few extra conditions:

  • You’re pregnant with limited income.
  • Have high prescription drug needs.
  • Do not receive income support but have employment income, self-employment income or income from your pension.

Before deciding that a family dentist is too expensive, look into one of these two benefits plan and see if you qualify.

Give us a call and make an appointment at our dental clinic in Edmonton and let us walk you through all the treatments and services your dentist can offer.

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